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“There are only four kinds of people in the world; those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver.”

-Rosalyn Carter

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Caregivers are indispensable in today’s world and their relevance cannot be ignored. The sick, as well as the old and vulnerable need care from family members and loved ones. However, these loved ones are sometimes usually limited in their ability to provide the required care services due to their busy schedules or mostly, the lack of relevant training and expertise. The services of nurses and caregivers is a professional service that is best provided by trained personnel.


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At Clara Home Care Services, we have an array of well trained and committed staff poised and ready to deliver the best services to our clients. We are certified by the American Caregiver Association, the highest globally recognized body for the certification of caregivers.

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We believe the role of nurses and caregivers is a divinely ordained ministry and commission and this is the guiding principle in the delivery of our services.

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